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With more than 600 images, Paul Hamlyn's A Pictorial History of Surfing traces the development of surfing from its noble beginnings to the innovators of the 1970s. Players in this colorful history include Tom Blake, Duke Kahanamoku, Buster Crabbe, Conrad Canha, Peter Cole, Mike Doyle, George Freeth, Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Tommy Zahbn, Buzzy Trent, Lorrin Thurston, and a host of other surfing legends. This copy is in very good condition, about 80 percent of mint. Some minor wear and very small tears on dust jacket. Binding is tight and crisp. Blank page opposite front endpaper has been written on: "To Rick -- Because I love you. Shar, May 1973." No other writing of any kind. Interior pages are perfect with minimal yellowing. Complete and intact with no torn or missing pages and no cutouts. Copyright 1970 by Paul Hamlyn. Hardbound with dust jacket. 319 pages. Measures approximately 8 1/2 inches wide by 11 inches tall. Click Here for a closer look. Sold at $125.

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