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Bill Raftery has always been fascinated with Easter Island, Thor Heyerdahl, and his book Kon Tiki, so he sculpted a moia in clay about a year ago.

"Several friends asked me to make an “extra” one for them, Raftery said, "so I jumped into 'Project Fred' with both feet.  Working as an in-house designer for Rubbermaid for several years, I knew how simple and economical it would be to have Fred blow molded...So I did it."

Fred is a distant relative of the world famous Aku-Aku Statues of Easter Island in the South Pacific.  They are assumed to be fashioned after local chiefs, gods, or possibly even extraterrestrial visitors.  The original statues date back to 600 A.D., stand 35 feet high and weigh as much as 18 tons.

Fred would be a great conversational piece with any patio, garden, hot tub or pool, or tiki bar. While he is durable and made for outdoors, he also looks great indoors!

“Fred the Aku” stands 28 inches tall and weighs 3 pounds. He is molded in high density polyethylene with UV protection. Made in the USA of 100% recyclable material.  To keep Fred weighted down, he can be filled with water or sand through a plugged hole in his back.

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