Cookie Jars


One of the best things we've found so far! But check this out! You'll hear your favorite Beach Boys' surf tunes, Surfin' USA and Catch A Wave every time you open the lid!! Too much!

Actually a customer brought this one to our attention and we searched high and low until we found some at a major department store. They have them and now so do we! At the same price too! But we surf and they don't. Buy one from us instead!

Doh! We've just been informed by the manufacturer that this product has been discontinued. The price will only continue to go up. Limited quantities are available. Get one while you still can!

We only have 1 left!!  We wished we had bought thousands of the these babies while they were still available.

Standing an outstanding 9 inches tall by about 6 inches wide, this exquisite piece is made of durable clear plastic and will holds dozens of your favorite munchies.

Click Here to see this cookie jar in action.