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Patrick O'Connor's South Swell is the story of how surfing affected one California family during the 1960s. A girl's father decides to take up surfing to keep his daughter company, only to learn it wasn't nearly as easy as it looked. "To his surprise, he discovered it required infinite effort to attain the ability to ride a wave to shore, or even to lie on the surfboard without slipping off, a fine sense of timing which indicated when to approach a wave, as well as an excellent knowledge of the behavior of the sea to judge where and when to surf." This book is in good condition overall. This is a former library copy from the City of Burbank Public Library. Tape used to secure dust jacket to hardcover has stained endsheets. Scattered pencil marks throughout interior pages. No torn or missing pages and no cutouts. Copyright 1967 by Ives Washburn, Inc. 144 pages. Hardbound with dust jacket. Measures approximately 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/4 inches tall. No torn or missing pages and no cutouts. Packaged in an archival-quality clear plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board. Click Here for a closer view. Sold at $75.

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