We just found these terrific Pewter Bottle Stoppers -- just the thing to add that personal touch to your dinner table or liquor bottles. Just slip the ring around the neck of the bottle. No more lost corks or tablecloth stains! And its completely reusable, too.

Each of these stoppers is hand crafted and hand finished. Each piece is hand-buffed to an antique pewter finish. These hand-painted stoppers have up to 16 different colors -- each individually applied. This is truly heirloom-quality art created for the discriminating collector.

Even the corks are made from top quality Portuguese cork and are tapered to fit most bottles.

To remove the stopper, slowly twist and turn clockwise while pulling straight up. If you avoid rocking the cork from side to side, it should last for years. Replacement corks are available from the manufacturer, however, should the need arise.

Available in, Woody, Aloha Shirt, and Palm Tree (Aloha Shirt and Palm Tree not shown here...). Limited quantities are available.

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