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How do they make these things so small and so detailed?? You'll wonder too as your keys dangle from this totally cool key ring! Replica of the most famous surf vehicle of all times can now adorn your set of keys. Everybody will know your set of keys too if you should misplace them! Who else but a surfer (and lovers of woodies) would have a '49 Ford Woody as their key fob. Die cast model with plastic parts and, are you ready for this, pull back action too! Miniature version of our 1:24th and 1:18th scale 1949 Ford Woodies for a fraction of the cost! Sorry but colors vary so we'll send whatever we have in stock. Measures in at a dinky 2 1/4 inches which is about the size of the swell we've had around here lately!

This item is not currently available.

We'd be happy to try and locate one for you.