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This is an original Tom Blake Hollow Paddleboard from the early 1940s. It was recovered from Fisherman's Wharf in was going to be discarded! According to Surf's Up: Collecting the Longboard Era, this piece is worth between $6,000 and $9,000, at least it was in 2001 when the book was published. It's undoubtedly worth more today! All original, never reworked or restored. Original red paint has some minor scratches. Minor woodwork may be needed to make watertight. In very good condition, about 75 percent of mint. Spruce plank with brass screws and drain plug. Plug is inscribed with "Tom Blake" logo. Manufactured by the Los Angeles Ladder Company, Model MS-3014. Measures 14 feet long by 22 inches wide by four inches thick. Weighs 66 pounds. Buyer agrees to pay actual freight and crating costs. From the Erik Nelson Collection. No documentation available. As is. Click Here for a look at the drain plug. Sold at $4,000.

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