Surf Tunes


Paul Johnson and Gil Orr of the Duo-Tones are Plugged In and Live in this sizzling selection of surf tunes. Johnson and Orr have stumbled upon a great idea: by leaving out the drums and bass, they spotlight their delightful dual guitar interplay, which brings fresh appeal to these classic tunes. The Duo-Tones introduced this concept with acoustic guitars on their popular debut CD, Surf Music Unplugged (also available at Surfwarez!) Now they demonstrate just how well it works with electric guitars: a bit edgier, with amplified punch and surf reverb. Cuts include "Pipeline," "Mr. Moto," "Apache," "The Wedge," and many other classsics. This album was recorded on the air during a Duo-Tones guest concert on Phil Dirt's "Surf's Up" radio show. Produced by Heyday Records. Click Here for a peek at the flip side.