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Skateboarding is not a crime. Who would've thought that a chance meeting with Gumby's creator would lead to one of the coolest action figures we've seen in a while: The Skateboarder Huck Doll Action Figure. Designed by professional skiers, these were designed to help aid in visualizing progressive aerial maneuvers. "Our primary goal was to capture the essence of what we all know and love: adrenaline," according to the manufacturer. These bendable buddies will hold whatever pose you put them in. Each action figure comes complete with skateboard and helmet. Be sure to check out our Surfer Huck Doll Action Figure, available in both male and female versions. Collect them all! The manufacturer just altered the design to include a magnetic strip in the skateboard...perfect for aerials! Not recommended for children under the age of 3. Made in China. Click Here for a closer look.

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