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That's it! The Vandor Studios are so on it! I'm investing in their company! Truly a work of art from Vandor's Hu La La collection, this clock is just got to be their finest piece yet. Buy this. Then definitely call Better Homes and Garden so that they can interview you and write an accolade for your good taste and award-winning interior design skills. They'll probably put a picture of you on their front page! Made of a castable material and then exquisitely hand painted to fine detail, even the spring mounted surfer practically comes to life!

The clock measures 6" by 6" and will sit proudly as the centerpiece of your mantle or desktop. Battery operated quartz movement will provide years of service. AA battery not included. Bummer!

Click Here to see a close up shot of this beauty.

Just received sad news from the Vandor Design Studios and the clocks are no longer available! Fear not. We have only a few left in stock and that's it!! Trust me on this one. These babies are going to be very collectible!

FLASH! Our supply is dwindling. We're raising the price once again. These have been our best sellers and we can't get anymore. This is it! Don't wait any longer.

Last sold at $79.95.

This item is not currently available.

We'd be happy to try and locate one for you.