Stick that next note on the refrigerator door with some style using our miniature surfboard magnets. Each are hand carved and polished with a lacquer finish to resemble the old boards of a bygone era.

From left to right: the old style longboard with tail block is about 7 1/4 inches long; the ancient Hawaiian Olo board is about 9 inches long; and the 1930s Hot Curl style at 7 1/4 inches long. Made of various replenishable woods like coconut and fruitwood and imported from Indonesia, these little gems will bring your surf motif right into the kitchen. Styles vary.

Click Here to see what we currently have in stock. These include, from left to right, the shortboard (5 1/2 inches), mini-log (5 1/2 inches), and longboard (7 1/4 inches). All three styles are ready for immediate delivery!

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