Here it is...The timeless property trading game from Parker Brothers with a new twist -- The properties in this version are world-class surf spots! Vie to rule (and ride) the most formidable surf spots in the world, including Pipeline, Restaurants, Todos Santos, and Maverick's. The game features stunning photography by renowned surf photographer Jeff Divine. Whether your're an aggro shortboarder or old-school longboarder, this game will captivate surfers of all ages and skill levels. So grab your board and get ready to wheel and deal your way to the ultimate surf session of all time! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Surfrider Foundation. Click Here to see a closer view. Please Note: We realize you can purchase this game set on our website for less money, but check this out: your donation of $75 goes directly to Brad Johnson to help offset his cancer treatments. So, he gets the money and you get this game for free. What a deal! Do it today!

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