"Just the wax, Jack."

You wouldn't think that a subject as dull as wax could fill a book, but surf wax is different. With so many colors, flavors, and funny brand names and logos, surfboard wax is as interesting and collectible as any other vintage surfing keepsake. But it's only for traction: DO NOT EAT OR CHEW!

This book traces the history of surfboard wax from the use of household candle wax to the modern surf wax industry and market domination by the big three: Surf Research, Mr. Zog's, and Mrs. Palmers. Contains more than 300 full color pictures of the vintage surf wax in its original packaging.

Copyright 2007 by Jefferson "Zuma Jay" Wagner. 160 pages. Paperbound. Measures approximately 8 1/2 inches wide by 11 inches tall.