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This is an original form letter from SURFER Magazine founder John Severson urging subscribers to renew before their subscription runs out. His clever sense of humor is revealed in his artwork and funny prose.

"Now you've done it," Severson wrote. "Your subscription ran out and it's all over. No more great surfing photos. No more excellent surfer fiction. No more clever cartoons. No more happiness! Why bother living? For about $10.00 you can rent an old cannon and shoot yourself (see John's classic cartoon...). But wait!! For only $4.00 you can renew your subscription and live again."

This letter is in excellent or near-mint condition, at least 90 percent of mint. Creased where it was once folded in thirds. Otherwise very light wear with no tears, tack holes, or tape marks. No water stains or moisture damage of any kind. Includes the original SURFER Bi-Monthly envelope with subscriber's address. The envelope does show some age spotting. Click the link below for a closer look at this snapshot of surfing life from 40 years ago. Close up images include the form letter (the signature is not original) and the envelope.

Sold at $125.

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