Austin Woodworks from the North Coast of California produces these outrageously cool peg racks, perfect for just about anything that needs hanging. Available in large, medium, and small. I have the large one in my kitchen for hanging Karen Gelff's ceramic mugs, but they're great for hanging hats, coats, and whatever else strikes your fancy. The medium-sized peg rack can just about accommodate the same things, and the small one is perfect for keys!

Available in maple only. Laminates will vary. Because each piece is individually hand-crafted, minor imperfections may occur. This is the newest style. The old style is no longer available, but we do have a few left: Search for "Vintage Peg Rack" on Collector's Bay.

Though not shown, we also have a limited number of peg racks with a royal blue hibiscus print (nice for a feminine touch) 2 large left.

Measures approximately 28 inches for the large one, 22 inches for the medium, and 14 inches for the small. Sorry bros, but only comes in a single fin! Check the tails, each is different!

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