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Our favorite gift, the Woodie Piñata, is packed full of munchies and toys for any surfer, young or old. But you wouldn't want to break this Piñata as the ceramic cookie jar will be perfect for lots of other stuff later on. Filled with Surf Bars, nuts, Surf Bugs, Woody Keychain, Surfboard Magnet, Eliminators CD and to top it all off, a small version of our Hawaiian Tiki God of Good Fortune. We'll even throw in a surprise too! One lucky surfer to get this! Be the talk of the beach and ask friends and family to chip in and snag the mother of all gifts just for you. You can even "build" your own Piñata with all the good stuff from SugarShackSurfShop.com. Email for details. Click Here for a closer view.

This item is not currently available.

We'd be happy to try and locate one for you.