200 Years of Surfing Literature: An Annotated Bibliography
Tim DeLa Vega has done it again with his new release, 200 Years of Surfing Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "I came to realize that there was a serious gap in my knowledge of surfing's evolution, DeLa Vega writes,....... Details
Dale Velzy is Hawk
Not many guys get a surf spot named after them... This large-format hardcover book, with more than 250 photos spanning the legendary surfboard shaper's entire life and career, was written from hundreds of hours of....... Details
Dora Lives: The Authorized Story of Miki Dora
"Writing about Mickey Dora can be a fool's game -- surf journalist quicksand. It's hard not to lapse into his trap, especially if you've spent any time with him and had him run you through his maize like a rat in a....... Details
Duke: A Great Hawaiian
Your Surf History class at SURF UNIVERSITY is not complete until you know who the Duke was to surfing. Study this text book intently. Guaranteed to have questions on the exam from this one. Hawaii's Ambassador of Aloha,....... Details
Eddie Would Go: The Story of Eddie Aikau, Hawaiian Hero
Eddie Would Go is the only biography of one of Hawaii's greatest heroes. Eddie Aikau was a humble man who was larger than life. As a surfer, he rode the biggest waves in the world; as a lifeguard, he saved hundreds of lives....... Details
Greg Noll: The Art of the Surfboard
"You ask for a vision? My vision is to stay alive so I can keep tormenting my friends!" "Greg Noll: The Art of the Surfboard tells the full story of the surfboard as realized through the hands of a surfing legend, who has....... Details
Have you recently enrolled in our SURF UNIVERSITY and need to select a few courses? How about our class in Surf Cuisine? If so, have no fear ... as we have the text book needed to pass the course. Enjoy a second....... Details
When in the islands if you ask for steak, you might just get SPAM©! The Hawaiian "steak" is greatly appreciated here and if wasn't for the state of Hawaii', SPAM© would probably go out of business! Real fun gift....... Details
Island Grinds
Planning your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands? This guide to the best local dining at the lowest prices on Oahu, the Big Island, Kauai, and Maui includes entertaining reviews of 119 family-run bakeries, delicatessens,....... Details
Paraffin Chronicles: A Surfer
"Surfing can be all things to those who choose the wave path. Rewarding, frustrating, exhilirating, humiliating. Waves of life. Sometimes you ride a smooth, glassy wave in the shining sun, other times you are tousled like a....... Details
In 1965, Ron Stoner was the best surf photographer in the business. Then, at the height of his career, Stoner disappeared from the surf scene forever. In Photo/Stoner, Stoner's strange story is recounted by surfing historian....... Details
Pupus: An Island Tradition
Sachi Fukuda Your next luau will have your guests standing in line waiting as you dish out these tasty munchies from more than 200 delicious recipes included in this book. So simple and a real blast to make! ©....... Details
Sam Ryan
"An identification and value guide for the surf historian." This is Sam Ryan's revised edition, a must-read for anyone with a vintage surfboard collection in the attic. Includes inside tips on buying, selling, and....... Details
Shark Bites: True Tales of Survival
Written by Greg Ambrose. Relive 16 shark attack-survivors' moments of terror in the ocean while fending off the most feared creatures of the deep. The illustration on page 90 is worth the price of this book alone. It is one....... Details
Surf Movie Tonite!
"For more than forty years, surf movies have played to audiences who were passionate, committed, and, quite often, stoned. Now, surf expert Matt Warshaw brings to wave-riders everywhere a singular collection of more than 140....... Details
Surfboard Wax: A History
"Just the wax, Jack." You wouldn't think that a subject as dull as wax could fill a book, but surf wax is different. With so many colors, flavors, and funny brand names and logos, surfboard wax is as interesting and....... Details
SURFER Magazine
This handy guide published by SURFER Magazine delivers everything you need to know about surfing the northern and central California coast. It assesses wave quality, prime wave conditions, and local hazards -- both natural....... Details
"Surfing has been described as a sport, religion, obsession, and way of life. For Shaun Tomson, world-champion surfer and successful entrepreneur, surfing is all of that and more. In Surfer's Code, Tomson shares the life....... Details
Surfing Collectibles Guide
Imagine the year 2050 when surfers will look back at those old issues of the 90s? What do you think they'll be worth? Check out what the old issues of the 60s are worth today! This little booklet is Volume 1, Number 1 and....... Details
Surfing Photographs From the Seventies Taken By Jeff Divine
"...Jeff Divine got to know the original alternative sport before the X-Games were even a gleam in a producer’s eye. Through this rare collection of photographs from the momentous decade that followed, he conveys the feeling....... Details
Collecting the Longboard Era with Price Guide. If you are into collecting then nobody, and I mean nobody, does it better than Schiffer Publishing. And if you're into collecting surf stuff then Mark A. Blackburn is right there....... Details
The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands
The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands by Dale Hope and Gregory Tozian is "beautifully illustrated with more than 700 images, this volume tells the colorful stories behind these marvelous Hawaiian shirts: as cultural icons,....... Details
The Best of Wilbur Kookmeyer
Just when we thought we were the "Kings of Kook," Wilbur upstages us! Wilbur Kookmeyer finally makes the cover in The Best of Wilbur Kookmeyer, a collection of classics by Bob Penuelas. This is a 100-page collection of....... Details
The Hawaiian Shirt
"Unknown to Hawaiians before missionaries decreed that "heathen nakedness" should be covered with a drab forerunner (which irrepressible natives soon decorated by hand with traditional tapa cloth motifs), the genuine Hawaiian....... Details
The Surfin
Cowabunga, dude! Unbelievable as it may seem, Trevor Cralle's second edition is now available! Which means that the first edition sold out and now he is into the second printing. If you missed his first edition, here's your....... Details
The Surfrider: A Midwestern Odyssey
The Surfrider: A Midwestern Odyssey is an incredible and imaginative story written and illustrated by Thomas Paul Rogo (of course he surfs, too). Any young surfer will be deep into this tale of "a typical farm boy whose quest....... Details
Tiki Quest: Collecting the Exotic Past
"...America had built an idyllic view of the Polynesian islands. Tiki-themed restaurants and bars that popped up in nearly every town brought the Hollywood version of the islands to everyone's doorstep. As America's love....... Details
Rod Sumpter unveils some of the finest custom surfboards available on the planet in this new, full-color book by Schiffer Publishing. Includes the amazing artwork of Robb Havessy and Drew Brophy, among others. Top shapers....... Details