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Surfing Comedy Annual
Captions have mutated into quadratic equations and ads have been tweaked beyond recognition in Surfing Magazine's Comedy Annual '74, now 30 years old! Articles include "Flaming Travels, "Buried Alive on Main Street,"....... Details
Surfing Volume 10, No. 2 (1974)
In 1974 Lopez Publications dropped "International" from their name to create "Surfing Magazine," which has become a household name in surf mags and SURFER's primary competitor for the last 30 years. This publication should....... Details
Surfing Volume 10, No. 3 (1974)
Sam Hawk shows style and finesse as he downshifts into the sunlight at Sunset Beach. Content includes the second installment of a South Africa travel feature with words and images by Peter French. Plus "Thoughts on....... Details
Surfing Volume 10, No. 4 (1974)
Jeff Toomey looks even odds to make it on a thick day at Shadow's Reef. Content includes a killer Warren Bolster portfolio, while Eddie Armstrong pens a South Pacific travel adventure titled "Gilligan's Island." Also....... Details
Surfing Volume 10, No. 6 (1974)
Photographer Scott Preiss provides "a window in the door." Content includes "A Look at Bodysurfing" by Vic Neally and "A Long-Ago Tale of the Unending Wave" by Drew Kampion. In the second installment of "Who Controls the....... Details
Surfing Volume 11, No. 1 (1975)
Greg Loehr takes first place in the 1974 Eastern Surfing Championships at Cape Hatteras, while Rick Rasmussen captures the 1974 United States Surfing Championships, also at Hatteras. In "Who Controls the Beaches," Part Three,....... Details
Surfing Volume 11, No. 2 (1975)
The Rubberman gets up close and personal with photographer Dan Merkel at Rocky Point. Content includes "Top Travel Tips" with Paul Heussenstamm. Reno wins the Smirnoff Pro at huge Waimea, While Floridian Jeff Crawford wins....... Details
Surfing Volume 11, No. 4 (1975)
1975 North Shore pictorial raises the question, "Where Are the Hot Californians?" This issue also contains a Reno Abellira profile, an article on Christian surfers, and an old skateboarding article featuring the Rubberman,....... Details
Surfing Volume 11, No. 5 (1975)
Michael Peterson finds his rhythm at home on the Gold Coast of Australia. Content includes "The Gold Coast: Australia's Lost Frontier" by Geoff Luton and Surfabout '75 coverage, with Wayne Lynch taking first place at North....... Details
Surfing Volume 11, No. 6 (1975)
Santa Cruz local Kevin Reed was way ahead of his time, busting air on primitive equipment 30 years ago! Steven Spielberg's smash hit Jaws is on everyone's mind, especially surfers. Content includes an early Indonesian....... Details
Surfing Volume 12, No. 1 (1976)
Mark Warren lays down some mean tracks at Scorpion Bay deep in Baja California. Fittingly, Warren pens a travel feature about his epic surfari to Scorpion Bay with Bruce Raymond. Also includes "The Big Store" by Rick....... Details
Surfing Volume 12, No. 2 (1976)
Mark Richards at Backdoor...need we say more? Content includes "French Views" by Rick Slone and "North Shore Newsreel: Here Come the Australians" by Drew Kampion; Mark Richards takes first place in the Smirnoff....... Details
Surfing Volume 12, No. 3 (1976)
Shaun Tomson ripping with the kind of reckless abandon capable of winning world championships. Read his profile by Drew Kampion here. Content includes "Backside: New Push at the Pipe" by Peter Townend, "The Teachings of....... Details
Surfing Volume 12, No. 4 (1976)
James Jones remembers to say cheese as he exits a clean Hawaiian tube. Content includes "As Years Roll By: A Perspective on Last Year's Winter" by Drew Kampion. Standouts include Owl Chapman, Tom Stone, Mark Warren, Brian....... Details
Surfing Volume 12, No. 5 (1976)
This special World Travel Issue takes the reader on a journey to South Africa, Puerto Rico, the South Pacific, the North Atlantic, and Australia. Plus a Dan Merkel pictorial from Bali titled "Flow Motion: A Day of Tropical....... Details
Surfing Volume 12, No. 6 (1976)
An anonymous goofyfoot draws a bead on the photographer during a glassy south swell in California. Content includes "Ule: Scenes From Paradise" by Gerry Lopez. Lopez and Peter McCabe dominate the grinding left barrels as....... Details
Surfing Volume 13, No. 1 (1977)
"Time is definitely expanded when you're inside the tube." -- Shaun Tomson Frame grabs from Bill Delaney's Free Ride highlight this epic issue from February/March 1977. Also includes a Dan Merkel profile by Drew Kampion........ Details
Surfing Volume 13, No. 2 (1977)
Pat Conroy's body language at Honolua Bay just about says it all. Read about the rest of this epic session in "The Bay" by Randy Rarick. Standouts include Terry Fitzgerald, Mark Warren, Mark Richards, Michael Ho, Michael....... Details
Surfing Volume 13, No. 3 (1977)
While perhaps better known for his small-wave prowess. Larry Bertleman is no stranger to the inside section at Sunset Beach. Content includes a Dick Brewer profile by Drew Kampion. All-Star North Shore coverage includes....... Details
Surfing Volume 13, No. 4 (1977)
Content includes a review of Free Ride by Delaney Films. Also includes "Tube Riding Waimea: A Journey Through Time and Space" by James Jones and coverage of Michael Peterson's Stubbies win at Burleigh Heads by Peter Townend........ Details
Surfing Volume 13, No. 5 (1977)
Ready to pack your bags? This World Travel Issue will take you on a journey to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean -- including Puerto Rico and....... Details
Surfing Volume 13, No. 6 (1977)
Robert Waldemar uses a Davey Miller-drop knee style to stall up for this Ventura County barrel. Content includes a lengthy Jeffrey's Bay feature by Randy Rarick titled "Laying it Down the Line." Players include Rick....... Details
Surfing Volume 14, No. 1 (1978)
Larry Bertlemann creates a splash of color in Orange County, California. Content includes "California's New Spirit" by Drew Kampion. Reno Abellira is "At Speed," dissecting the world's fastest surf spots and the men who....... Details
Surfing Volume 14, No. 2 (1978)
The East Coast's Jeff Crawford sets his sights on a spot way down the line at Pipeline. Content includes "Star Waves: Or Close Encounters with Da Kine" by Drew Kampion. Also includes a Terry Fitzgerald profile and "Sydney:....... Details
Surfing Volume 14, No. 3 (1978)
The late Mark Foo gets deep in Hawaii. Content includes a "Hawaii Slide Show" by Drew Kampion, including the famous duel between Mark Richards and Shaun Tomson at epic Off-the-Wall. Also includes a Bobby Owens profile and....... Details
Surfing Volume 14, No. 4 (1978)
Peter Townend performs at Sunset Beach in a scene from Warner Brothers' Big Wednesday. Content includes "The Making of Big Wednesday" by Drew Kampion. Plus "Mexico: Turning Back the Pages" by Richard Casperson, a George....... Details
Surfing Volume 14, No. 5 (1978)
This World Travel Issue takes readers on a virtual surf trip around the world. The journey begins with "Australia: A Septic in Paradise" by Drew Kampion. A "Faraway Places" pictorial features action from Puerto Rico, South....... Details
Surfing Volume 14, No. 6 (1978)
Californian Mike Purpus goes off-the-top at Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. Content includes a great South Africa pictorial by Bob Barbour. Shaun Tomson dominates Supertubes and Cave Rock with his aggressive tube riding, as....... Details
Surfing Volume 15, No. 1 (1979)
Unknown Greg Bonner gets shacked somewhere in California and makes the cover. Content includes a Peru travel feature by Tony Arruza. Also includes "The Art of Getting and Keeping Waves to Yourself" by Dr. Beniamino....... Details
Surfing Volume 15, No. 2 (1979)
Mark Richards throws some tail at Off-the-Wall on Oahu. "Punk Soul, Glitter Boogie, and Disco Sunstroke" by Drew Kampion explores the North Shore scene in depth, with all the surf stars of the era, including M.R., Bugs,....... Details
Surfing Volume 15, No. 3 (1979)
Surfing goes monthly with a cover that will definitely grab you attention! Doug Brown grabs a bomb at Pipe. Content includes "Aftermath: Random Dispatches from the DMZ" by Michael Tomson. Rabbit Bartholomew wins the IPS....... Details
Surfing Volume 15, No. 4 (1979)
Geoff Doig gets his moment in the spotlight at Cronulla Point in Australia. Content includes a Japan travel feature by Terry Fitzgerald. Hawaiians Larry Bertlemann, Dane Kealoha, and Mark Foo adapt quickly to the punchy....... Details
Surfing Volume 15, No. 5 (1979)
Are you taking notes? Bobby Owens gives a how-to clinic on tube riding on the North Shore. Read his "Tube Riding From the Inside Out," with photos by Bob Barbour. A New Zealand travel feature shows some real quality....... Details
Surfing Volume 15, No. 6 (1979)
Another Mark Richards cover? I can't take it anymore! Here he defines the layback snap, state-of-the-art for 1979. In "On the Road, Part Two: A Perfect Day in the Indian Ocean," Brian and Kathy Hughes discover a perfect....... Details