Duke: A Great Hawaiian
Your Surf History class at SURF UNIVERSITY is not complete until you know who the Duke was to surfing. Study this text book intently. Guaranteed to have questions on the exam from this one. Hawaii's Ambassador of Aloha,....... Details
Half a Surfboard
Many of our students are a gazillion miles from the nearest ocean. They have passed the test and received their diploma. They got the graduate sticker plastered on their car and they're now hanging at the mall with their....... Details
Have you recently enrolled in our SURF UNIVERSITY and need to select a few courses? How about our class in Surf Cuisine? If so, have no fear ... as we have the text book needed to pass the course. Enjoy a second....... Details
Surf University Graduate Sticker
You've passed the test and received your free diploma! Well, shouldn't you let all of your bros and loved ones know you're a graduate of Surf U? You betcha! Stick it where the world will know ... right on your surf....... Details
The Surf U. Hoodie
Surf U's very own hoodie for those chilly after-surf sessions. Perfect attire for the office at your new job too. Aren't you glad you have that diploma? Be stoked you graduated from SURF UNIVERSITY and wear your alma mater....... Details
The Surf University Cap
What better way to top off your graduation from SURF UNIVERSITY than to top off your recently-educated brain with this totally cool cap and your school's name boldly embroidered on the front. Available only in....... Details
The Surf University Diploma
Your most-desired diploma laser-jet printed in high resolution on heavy-duty, high quality paper that we buy at Costco is readyto be framed and just waiting to be hung on your wall. Your full name and the date you graduated....... Details
The Surf University License Plate Frame
Nothing worse than pulling up behind some driver with their license plate frame telling you they're an alumni of some fancy university.Now you can feel better with your very own SURF UNIVERSITY license plate frame. Made of....... Details
The Surf Univesity Diploma (framed)
Even though we will email your diploma absolutely free as a JPEG file, many of our graduates want their certificate laser-jet printed in high resolution on heavy-weight,premium, quality paper that we buy at Costco, and....... Details