Tools & Toys
1939 Chevy Master Deluxe Woody Wagon Trailer
Introducing the perfect complement to our newly unveiled 1939 Chevy Woody Wagon, the 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe Woody Wagon Trailer. Comes complete with license plates, tail lights, a working tailgate, and real wood....... Details
1939 Chevy Woody Wagon
The 1939 Chevy Woody Station Wagon was the last ever made and proved to be a milestone of Chevrolet history. The 3,563-pound car could seat eight adults and sold for $2264! Still another classic model by Motor City....... Details
1948 Ford Woody (1:43 Scale)
Every grommet's gotta have one! Introducing the latest in a series of high-quality die-cast woody models from Yat Ming. This is their 1:43 scale 1948 Ford Woody. The cute little buggah shows amazing craftsmanship and....... Details
1949 Ford Woody (1:18th Scale)
Can't get much better than this! Each model has been extensively researched and measured to ensure exacting detail and accuracy. Our 1:18th-scale die-cast metal replica model is handcrafted with over a hundred parts with....... Details
Battery Operated Torch
Modern designed all-purpose flashlight shines one strong beam, bruddah! Imagine hiking down the trail before the crack of dawn for an early surf as you tromp through the poison oak, or how about stumbling on deck before....... Details
Classic Surf Pocket Knife
Darn thing is small but so useful it will always have a permanent place in your glove box or backpack. Real sharp too! Great for cutting off the torn skin hanging from the palm of your hand after a near face plant on a dry....... Details
Giant Great White Shark
Just look at this cuddly little fellow...Now you can own your own Carcharodon carcharias, just the ticket for clearing the lineup at your favorite surf spot on those crowded days! Our realistic Giant Great White Shark is....... Details
Great White Card Game
What nasty shark lurks in your opponent's hand? Could it be the dreaded Great White? Here's a game the whole family can enjoy while learning about the sharks of Hawaii and beyond. Played much like you would play Old Maid....... Details
Hula Playing Cards Set
Bring a little island style to your next card game with our Hula Playing Cards Set. These unique cards feature full-color illustrations of hula girls, tribal warriors, tikis, surfing, and lots of other beautiful island....... Details
Rear View Mirror Danglers - Fuzzy Dice
Members of the Fuzzy Dice Fan Club hit the page and said they were not happy with what I said about their furry danglers! So in light of this recent development, Fuzzy Dice have been officially removed from the unbelievable....... Details
Wilbur Kookmeyer Action Figure
Introducing Wilbur Kookmeyer, king of all kooks! The lovable Wilbur Kookmeyer, a Bob Penuelas creation, was a fixture at SURFER Magazine during the 1980s and has returned to SURFER recently after a 10-year hiatus. We....... Details
Woody Wagon
How many times on the way to the beach did you fill up at the Chevron station and said you would get the woody next time? Guess what? Try to find the rascal today! It's a bona fide collector's item now! Probably will be....... Details