Alii Hula Doll
A hula bobber with the traditional style and grace of mid-century island giftware. Another quality porcelain hula doll from Alii of Hawaii, each are handcrafted and hand painted in the style of old for today's demanding....... Details
Collectible Hula Dolls from Blue Sea International
Bula Hula Girl! The ambience of the Islands will always float through your memories with this classic favorite of many collectors, surfers, and non surfers alike. Based on original designs of the 40s and 50s, each handmade....... Details
Cool Hawaiian Wigglers
From Alii of Hawaii comes our latest entry to our Hula Doll collection. More of a wiggler than our traditional Hula Doll, these are still a welcome addition to the wacky world of wiggling art. Ceramic pieces are....... Details
Hula Boy and Girl
Every gift or surf shop on the coast probably has these models in their stores and so do we! If you're serious about your hula doll collection, then you need them all as long as they're ceramic and not plastic! Fresh off....... Details
Hula Candles
Nothing sets the mood better than candlelight, and with either one of our Hula Candle Holders, you'll be styling. Don't be surprised if Better Homes & Garden magazine knocks on your door to do a story when they find out....... Details
Hula Doll Decoration
Deck the halls with … hula dolls! Put a little hula in your office, home, or car. What Christmas tree would be complete without our hula doll swinging from its branches? Perfect for year-round use and will surely....... Details
Hula Dolls from Hawaii
We are always on the lookout for Hula Dolls and our goal is to have the largest and widest selection available. Our most recent addition is direct from the islands and patterned after the old styles commonly found....... Details
Hula Girl Mugs
Hand-painted ceramic mugs and glass can definitely keep any ice-tinkling refreshments cool and yet be trendy, too! Each comes with a Hula swizzle stick absolutely free! Swank. Our Hula Girl Mugs are a perfect addition to....... Details
Hula Pig
Designed in Hawaii and cast in poly resin for intricate detail, these individually hand-painted Hula Pig Dolls with Uliuli gourds will sit coolly on your dashboard swinging left to right by a spring action as you cruise to....... Details
Hula Playing Cards Set
Bring a little island style to your next card game with our Hula Playing Cards Set. These unique cards feature full-color illustrations of hula girls, tribal warriors, tikis, surfing, and lots of other beautiful island....... Details
Maui Girl Perfume Bottle
From Hawaii with love! Direct from the islands comes our Maui Girl Perfume Bottle. She's got a great tan and a vintage look, with a rich patina. Looks like hand-painted porcelain! Amazing detail at an affordable price........ Details
Palecek Hula Dolls
These are not your run-of-the-mill hula dolls. Manufactured by Palecek Design Studios in San Francisco, these beauties were made with attention to detail. Hand painted with linen skirts, they have a "distressed" appearance....... Details
Poly Resin Hula Doll
Still another Hula Doll to remind you of the beautiful Hawaiian islands, the birthplace of surfing! We chose castable poly resin for its delicate and detailed properties, which in some cases surpasses porcelain in the....... Details