Tiki Stuff
"Dr. Surf" T-Shirts
We are totally stoked to join the "Dr. Surf" surf team, with exclusive distribution rights to Rory Anton's "Dr. Surf" T-Shirt. Mens sizes include XXL, XL, large, and medium. Colors include rust, brown, sky blue, and....... Details
"Huge Herman" Tiki Mug
Designed by Doug Horne, Huge Herman is a massive tiki mug, measuring approximately 8 3/8 inches in height and holding a knee wobbling 36 ounces of your favorite spirits. Huge Herman comes in a new, very cool marbled brown....... Details
"Mr. Rapa Nui" Tiki Mug
This is an authentic Easter Island Rapa Nui mug, but with a slight twist - he's a little happier than what you'd find on Easter Island. Mr. Rapa Nui measures approximately 7 inches tall and holds 21 ounces of your favorite....... Details
Hanging Tiki Statues
Liven up your tiki bar or surf shack with our new Hanging Tiki Statues from our friends at Marue & Gertz of Hawaii. These versatile tiki statues will stand freely just about anywhere, or can be easily hung on the wall with....... Details
Hapawood Tikis
Is your life miserable and you can't catch any good waves? No worries! The Ancient Hawaiian Tiki Collection is now available. Replicas of the actual Hawaiian Tiki Gods in the Bishop Museum are reproduced in genuine....... Details
Hula Playing Cards Set
Bring a little island style to your next card game with our Hula Playing Cards Set. These unique cards feature full-color illustrations of hula girls, tribal warriors, tikis, surfing, and lots of other beautiful island....... Details
Mini Tiki Mug Set
This cute little Mini Tiki Mug Set will awe party-goers of all ages! Perfect for espresso, shots, or just about anything to whet your whistle. Each set of four ceramic tiki mugs includes light and dark green, light and....... Details
Tall Tiki Mugs
We're always looking for the coolest new tiki mugs, and these bad boys caught our attention with their striking features, cool colors, and affordable price. Each ceramic mug measures approximately 6 inches tall and is....... Details
Tiki Candle Lamps
Exceedingly fine taste is the only thing that will come to your guest's minds as they stroll into your home and gaze upon this luminary masterpiece of Polynesia Pop. Our Tiki Candle Lamps are cast of the finest resinous....... Details
Tiki Candle Set
Light up your tiki bar or surf shack with our colorful Tiki Candle Set, new from our friends at Island Heritage of Hawaii. Each tiki candle measures approximately 2 1/2 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches in diameter. The....... Details
Tiki Mugs
Hand painted ceramic mugs designed in Hawaii with realistic (OK maybe not so realistic) 3-D detail! Glazed inside and out for those cool tropical fruit drinks. Imagine sipping through straws something exotic from these 6"....... Details
Tiki Quest: Collecting the Exotic Past
"...America had built an idyllic view of the Polynesian islands. Tiki-themed restaurants and bars that popped up in nearly every town brought the Hollywood version of the islands to everyone's doorstep. As America's love....... Details
Tiki Salt & Pepper
Ceramic Salt & Pepper shakers from Hawaii will fit in so perfectly at your next beach party or luau! Glazed inside and out with two different Tiki designs on each side. Look closely and notice the Hang Loose sign. Measures....... Details
Tiki Salt & Pepper Set
From the design studios of Clay Art of San Francisco comes their newest entry in the Tiki Madness market! Be on the lookout for more of their Tiki designs in the coming weeks. These ceramic beauties measure about 4 1/4....... Details
Tiki Statue Treasure Box
OK all you Tiki lovers out there: Introducing the Tiki Statue Treasure Box, hot off the press! Tiny treasures deserve dinky boxes. These handcrafted ceramic jewels are the kookiest stuff we've found so far! Cute enough....... Details
Tiki Statues
We just scored these concrete Tiki Statues from our manufacturer of fine statuaries in San Francisco. Perfect for your tiki lounge, patio, or even your living room for that matter. Weighing in at between 50 and 100 pounds....... Details
Tiki Switchplate Covers
We are totally stoked to present Tiki Switchplate Covers from Crazy Al's Bone Productions located in sunny Sunset Beach, California! Cast of poly resin material, each switchplate cover is intricately detailed and looks....... Details
Tiki Tissue Box Cover
Our perennial best-seller and cult classic! If you wanna blow your money on something…well, just a little different, then our Tiki Tissue Box Cover may be just for you. This "God of Noseblowers" is made of textured....... Details
Tiki To Go
Beautiful set of four ceramic Tiki mugs at a very reasonable price. If life gets any better than this, please, I don't want to know about it!! Handsomely packaged for swank appeal and to top it off, four different recipes....... Details
Vintage Tiki Mug Collection
Classic designs from Hawai'i of years gone by. Imagine what the islands were like in the 30's and 40's as you sip from these elegant Tiki glasses. Hand crafted ceramics to keep those cool tropical concoctions extremely....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Coolers
Let's get the party started! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge or bar with our Voodoo Tiki Coolers from Clay Art of San Francisco. These hand-painted tiki mugs are sure to please the die-hard tiki collectors out....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Dip Bowl Set
Let's get the party started! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge or bar with our Voodoo Tiki Dip Bowl Set from Clay Art of San Francisco. This hand-painted dip bowl set is sure to impress the die-hard tiki....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Oval Serving Platter
Let's get this party started! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge or bar with our Voodoo Tiki Oval Serving Platter from Clay Art of San Francisco. This hand-painted oval serving platter is sure to impress the....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Salt & Pepper Set
These are downright scary! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge with our Voodoo Tiki Salt & Pepper Set from Clay Art of San Francisco. This hand-painted set is sure to impress the die-hard tiki collectors out there,....... Details