Surf Tunes
"Dr. Surf" T-Shirts
We are totally stoked to join the "Dr. Surf" surf team, with exclusive distribution rights to Rory Anton's "Dr. Surf" T-Shirt. Mens sizes include XXL, XL, large, and medium. Colors include rust, brown, sky blue, and....... Details
Aqua Velvets
This self-titled album by the Aqua Velvets features all of the fantastic guitar you've come to expect from these legends of surf music. You'll recognize many of these tunes from your favorite mainstream longboard videos........ Details
Malibooz Yule - A Malibu Kind of Christmas
"Johnny Z (John Zambetti) and the lads have cooked up a broad cross-section of holiday cheer, mostly California beach vocalizations, plus a couple of really cool instrumental tracks. "Carol of the Swells" totally shredzzzz! ....... Details
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson of the Duo-tones offers Liquid Blues, a compilation of surf tunes dedicated to the memory of renowned surf drummer Don Murray. Andelé and Coney Island Fever were his final studio recordings, made just....... Details
The Duo-Tones
Paul Johnson and Gil Orr of the Duo-Tones are Plugged In and Live in this sizzling selection of surf tunes. Johnson and Orr have stumbled upon a great idea: by leaving out the drums and bass, they spotlight their....... Details
THE ELIMINATORS Ultra Sonic Surf Guitars
"Brand new sounds from the band that brought you the groundbreaking album Unleashed. All five band members are longtime Orange County surfers who were brought together through their common interests: love of surfing, respect....... Details
"THE ELIMINATORS are five California longboarders who live the lifestyle of the music they play. The debut album from THE ELIMINATORS features twelve sizzling surf tunes from The World's Hottest Surf Band." The release of....... Details
Who Is Dr. Surf?
Rory Anton describes his band's music as "classic surf music with a modern twist." Join Dr. Surf as they circle the globe in search of the perfect wave...and the music to go with it. Their song titles reflect their love....... Details