Salt & Peppers
"Tropicool" Salt & Pepper Set
If these salt & pepper shakers aren't "Tropicool" enough for you, you're probably just a crusty old salt! Clay Art of San Francisco recently unveiled its "Tropicool" collection, and we jumped all over it! This hand-painted....... Details
"Tropicooler" Salt & Pepper Set
What could be Tropicooler than Tropicool?...Tropicoolest? Just when you thought "Tropicool" was the coolest, Clay Art of San Francisco unveils its "Tropicooler" collection. Just the ticket to add some color and spice up....... Details
Beach Chairs Salt & Pepper Set
Kick back in style with our new Beach Chairs Salt & Pepper Set from Clay Art Studios of San Francisco. Hand-painted with painstaking attention to detail. Each piece measures 3 3/4 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide by 2....... Details
Carmen Watch Salt & Pepper Set
We just found another great item from the Vandor Hu La La Collection -- and just in time. We've been informed that this entire product line has been discontinued. The price will only continue to go up! This creative....... Details
Flip-Flop Salt & Pepper Set
Now you can be a "flip-flopper" and be proud of it with our new Flip-Flop Salt & Pepper Set from Clay Art Studios of San Francisco. Be sure to check out the entire Flip-Flop Collection, another exclusive to....... Details
Hula Boy & Girl Salt & Pepper
When you are destined to have the largest selection of Hawaiian or Surf Salt & Pepper Shakers in the world, you just got to have any one you find! We found this lovely piece joined at the hip by their grass skirts, but each....... Details
Hula Girl Salt & Pepper Shaker
Lovely and darn cute grouping of three of our Hula Girl Salt & Pepper Shakers is now on review. Who can turn away this face at the dinner table and without a chuckle? Googly eyes and all! Each two-piece set features the....... Details
Island Girl Salt & Pepper Shakers
Need a getaway vacation to the tropics? Warm sunshine and a tropical breeze comes to mind with this hand-painted ceramic salt & pepper shakers. Vacation memories are just a shake away! Measuring about 4" high, this set will....... Details
Kooky VW Salt & Pepper Set
I miss my bug! Driving down the coast in my red 1963 bug, careening around hairpin turns with boards on top...those were the dog days of summer! Relive your youth with our Kooky VW Salt & Pepper set. The hand-painted set....... Details
Palm Salt & Pepper
Just the thing to salt the back of your palms! Darn cute pair of hand-made and hand-painted ceramic salt and pepper shakers are a perfect complement to our Palm Tree Pupu Platter and Palm Tree Bowl set. Sadly, this....... Details
Surfer Boy Salt & Pepper Shaker
The designer of this salt & pepper shaker needs help real fast! They obviously don't surf! Check him out...riding his board fin up! Oh boy! This is the ultimate in kitschy surf collectibles. This handcrafted two-piece....... Details
Here is the latest addition to our extremely cool collection of salt & pepper shakers from the boys at Surfwarez! Make waves at your next beach party or luau with our new Surf's Up Salt & Pepper Set from Clay Art Studios....... Details
The Vandor Collection Salt & Pepper
Ruby slippers they're not, but's most unique salt & pepper shakers are shaped like a shoe! As we say here, if the shoe fits give it a shake! Vandor's Hu La La Collection has designed this set with the....... Details
Tiki Salt & Pepper
Ceramic Salt & Pepper shakers from Hawaii will fit in so perfectly at your next beach party or luau! Glazed inside and out with two different Tiki designs on each side. Look closely and notice the Hang Loose sign. Measures....... Details
Tiki Salt & Pepper Set
From the design studios of Clay Art of San Francisco comes their newest entry in the Tiki Madness market! Be on the lookout for more of their Tiki designs in the coming weeks. These ceramic beauties measure about 4 1/4....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Salt & Pepper Set
These are downright scary! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge with our Voodoo Tiki Salt & Pepper Set from Clay Art of San Francisco. This hand-painted set is sure to impress the die-hard tiki collectors out there,....... Details
Woody and Chevy Salt & Pepper Set
Remember the days when you could drive onto the beach with your woodies and hot rods? Well, you can relive your youth and pull up to your next tiki party or luau with our Woody and Chevy Salt & Pepper Set. (Management makes....... Details
Woody Salt & Pepper Set with Metal Basket
They just don't get much cuter than this! Introducing our Woody Salt & Pepper Set with Metal Basket, new from our friends at Popular Creations. With classic styling and sturdy metal basket, you're sure to impress your....... Details
Woody Salt & Pepper Shakers
Limited number in stock! These jewels are hand cast porcelain and hand painted. Super collectible for that gourmet surfer! The woody needs no explanation & is dear to any surfer's heart. This....... Details