Monterey native son and Balinese surfer Gene Kreyd has created these multimedia art pieces exclusively for Surfwarez! This one has a decidedly sensual feel, capturing the hedonism inherent to surfing. It is a....... Details
"Huge Herman" Tiki Mug
Designed by Doug Horne, Huge Herman is a massive tiki mug, measuring approximately 8 3/8 inches in height and holding a knee wobbling 36 ounces of your favorite spirits. Huge Herman comes in a new, very cool marbled brown....... Details
"Kooky" Bird House
How kooky is your bird? Do you think he could relax in this palacial bird house? If this doesn't drive you cuckoo, we've got plenty of other things that will! Our new "Kooky" line adventure starts with our tropical....... Details
"Kooky" Woody Clock
I want to apologize in advance for introducing what is undoubtedly the lamest product ever offered on we're the Kings of Kook! With that said, let's get down to business...This is, of course,....... Details
"Mr. Rapa Nui" Tiki Mug
This is an authentic Easter Island Rapa Nui mug, but with a slight twist - he's a little happier than what you'd find on Easter Island. Mr. Rapa Nui measures approximately 7 inches tall and holds 21 ounces of your favorite....... Details
"Tropicool" Appetizer Plate
Wear appropriate attire to your next beach party or luau with the new "Tropicool" Appetizer Plate from Clay Art Studios of San Francisco. Be sure to check out the entire Tropicool Collection, available only at....... Details
"Tropicool" Coffee Mug
When you pull up to the beach sporting your new "Tropicool" Coffee Mug, you'll be the envy of all the boys sporting their grungy, beat-up Aladdin travel cups and generic Nissan stainless models. These hand-painted beauties....... Details
"Tropicool" Pupu Plate Set
If this pupu plate set isn't "Tropicool" enough for you, you may need to seek medical attention! Clay Art of San Francisco recently unveiled its "Tropicool" collection, and we jumped all over it! This two-piece....... Details
"Tropicool" Salt & Pepper Set
If these salt & pepper shakers aren't "Tropicool" enough for you, you're probably just a crusty old salt! Clay Art of San Francisco recently unveiled its "Tropicool" collection, and we jumped all over it! This hand-painted....... Details
"Tropicooler" Salt & Pepper Set
What could be Tropicooler than Tropicool?...Tropicoolest? Just when you thought "Tropicool" was the coolest, Clay Art of San Francisco unveils its "Tropicooler" collection. Just the ticket to add some color and spice up....... Details
Aloha Print Treasure Boxes
Not sure what this is made of! Maybe from coconuts? Each one is very handmade and covered with Aloha-print fabrics. No two are exactly alike. The dome-shaped top pops off to store whatever trinkets or treasures your....... Details
Bamboo Hibiscus Mug
Set that tropical mood at your next beach party or luau with our Bamboo Hibiscus Mug from Clay Art Studios in San Francisco. This sturdy mug measures approximately 4 1/2 inches tall by 3 3/4 inches in diameter. Holds 16....... Details
Beach Chairs Salt & Pepper Set
Kick back in style with our new Beach Chairs Salt & Pepper Set from Clay Art Studios of San Francisco. Hand-painted with painstaking attention to detail. Each piece measures 3 3/4 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide by 2....... Details
Flip-Flop Chip & Dip Set
Let's get the beach party started! Now you can be a "flip-flopper" and be proud of it with our new Flip-Flop Chip and Dip Set from Clay Art Studios of San Francisco. Be sure to check out the entire Flip-Flop Collection,....... Details
Flip-Flop Dip Bowl Set
Make waves at your next beach party or luau with our new Flip-Flop Dip Bowl Set! You can be a "flip-flopper" and be proud of it with our new Flip-Flop Dip Bowl Set from Clay Art Studios of San Francisco. Be sure to check....... Details
Hand Painted Surfboard Wall Clock
It's time to chill out! Brighten up your surf shack with these cool Surfboard Wall Clocks from Spirit Anderson's Design Spirit Studio! Hand-painted wood with quartz movement, which carries a two-year warranty. Sealed for....... Details
Hang 5 Peg Racks
Austin Woodworks from the North Coast of California produces these outrageously cool peg racks, perfect for just about anything that needs hanging. Available in large, medium, and small. I have the large one in my kitchen....... Details
Hawaiian Shirt Key Rack
You'll never lose your keys again with our attractive Hawaiian Shirt Key Rack! Manufactured by prestigious Palecek Design Studios in San Francisco, this hand-painted key rack is sure to start up a conversation. This item is....... Details
Hawaiian Surf Soaps
"Tiny Bubbles!" Who's that famous Hawaiian night club singer? Oh yeah...Don Ho! From the Maui Tropical Soaps Company on Maui comes their "Hawaiian Surf Soaps -- a unique tribute to one of Hawaii's finest features -- its....... Details
Hot Curl Coffee Mug
Hot Curl, the infamous Windansea icon from the 1960s, has made a comeback with a monthly appearance in SURFER Magazine and a new line of classic products by creator Mike Dormer. This "Big Ol Mug" holds 14 ounces of your....... Details
Hula Candles
Nothing sets the mood better than candlelight, and with either one of our Hula Candle Holders, you'll be styling. Don't be surprised if Better Homes & Garden magazine knocks on your door to do a story when they find out....... Details
Hula Doll Decoration
Deck the halls with … hula dolls! Put a little hula in your office, home, or car. What Christmas tree would be complete without our hula doll swinging from its branches? Perfect for year-round use and will surely....... Details
Hula Swizzle Sticks
Swizzle sticks will bring any old boring drink to new heights in swank appeal. With our Hula Girl Swizzle Sticks, you'll have all of your guests at your next luau stirring their drinks with style! Packaged in a....... Details
Kooky VW Salt & Pepper Set
I miss my bug! Driving down the coast in my red 1963 bug, careening around hairpin turns with boards on top...those were the dog days of summer! Relive your youth with our Kooky VW Salt & Pepper set. The hand-painted set....... Details
Mini Tiki Mug Set
This cute little Mini Tiki Mug Set will awe party-goers of all ages! Perfect for espresso, shots, or just about anything to whet your whistle. Each set of four ceramic tiki mugs includes light and dark green, light and....... Details
Palm Salt & Pepper
Just the thing to salt the back of your palms! Darn cute pair of hand-made and hand-painted ceramic salt and pepper shakers are a perfect complement to our Palm Tree Pupu Platter and Palm Tree Bowl set. Sadly, this....... Details
Pewter Bottle Stoppers
We just found these terrific Pewter Bottle Stoppers -- just the thing to add that personal touch to your dinner table or liquor bottles. Just slip the ring around the neck of the bottle. No more lost corks or tablecloth....... Details
Polynesian Vertical Photo Frame
Don't you wish you could find one of these picture frames in real bamboo? But for now settle for genuine plastic simulation direct from the design studios of Vandor's Hu La La Collection. That hula dancer on top wiggles,....... Details
Porcelain Treasure Boxes
Tiny treasures deserve dinky boxes. And we've got them, too! These handcrafted ceramic jewels are the kookiest stuff we've found so far! Cute enough for the ladies and kooky enough for the guys. We've seen grown macho surf....... Details
Shark Wine Holder
This guy drinks like a fish! Introducing the Shark Wine Holder, another distinguished member of the Kooky Collection, available exclusively at Surfwarez! Cast of a durable poly resin material and made in China. Comes....... Details
Surfer Night Lights
Never fear the dark again! Designed for years of care-free operation, our automatic night light will provide safety and a decorative touch throughout your home. Comes in three different styles (from left to right):....... Details
Surfer Switchplates
Hand-painted switchplate covers made of durable poly resin plastic-type material will help light up any room in a surfer's surf shack. Single switch covers, shown from left to right,....... Details
Surfer Tissue Box Cover
Our Surfer Tissue Box Cover may be just what the doctor ordered, whether you're feeling under the weather or not. You saw it here first! Our buyers have found another unique gift item that is famous....... Details
"I"ve got a drink in my hand, I've got my toes in the sand...All I need is...a beautiful girl." -- David Lee Roth Make waves at your next beach party or luau with our new Surf's Up Chip and Dip Set from Clay Art Studios....... Details
Our Surf's Up Oval Serving Platter might just be too nice to put food may want to display it like a surfboard instead! Make waves at your next beach party or luau with the new "Surf's Up Collection" from Clay Art....... Details
Tall Tiki Mugs
We're always looking for the coolest new tiki mugs, and these bad boys caught our attention with their striking features, cool colors, and affordable price. Each ceramic mug measures approximately 6 inches tall and is....... Details
The Hula Lunchbox
Featuring serene images from a 1920s pin-up calendar, our vertical Hula Lunchbox stands 10" high, 3" deep, and 7" wide. Its large capacity is just about perfect for anything whether edible or not. Makes an extremely....... Details
The Wave Cookie Jar
One of the best things we've found so far! But check this out! You'll hear your favorite Beach Boys' surf tunes, Surfin' USA and Catch A Wave every time you open the lid!! Too much! Actually a customer brought this one....... Details
Tiki Candle Lamps
Exceedingly fine taste is the only thing that will come to your guest's minds as they stroll into your home and gaze upon this luminary masterpiece of Polynesia Pop. Our Tiki Candle Lamps are cast of the finest resinous....... Details
Tiki Statues
We just scored these concrete Tiki Statues from our manufacturer of fine statuaries in San Francisco. Perfect for your tiki lounge, patio, or even your living room for that matter. Weighing in at between 50 and 100 pounds....... Details
Tiki Switchplate Covers
We are totally stoked to present Tiki Switchplate Covers from Crazy Al's Bone Productions located in sunny Sunset Beach, California! Cast of poly resin material, each switchplate cover is intricately detailed and looks....... Details
Tiki Tissue Box Cover
Our perennial best-seller and cult classic! If you wanna blow your money on something…well, just a little different, then our Tiki Tissue Box Cover may be just for you. This "God of Noseblowers" is made of textured....... Details
Tropical Body Lotion
"A lush fragrance that immediately brings relaxing images of tropical island beaches and palm trees. Absolutely mouthwatering and our top selling fragrance. A favorite of women and men alike!"…Maui Tropical Soaps, Inc. ....... Details
Tropical Body Powder
"This rich, silky powder can be dusted liberally on the body after bathing, or sprinkled on bed sheets before sleeping to induce comforting thoughts of the most beautiful island on Earth, Maui." Be sure to check out our....... Details
Tropical Shower & Bath Gel
"Transform you shower or bath into a lush tropical treat with our gentle cleansing gel. Enjoy as a body wash, shampoo, or bubble bath while awapuhi, kukui nut oil, and vitamin C protect and nourish your skin." Heavenly....... Details
Vintage Palm Platter
This Vintage Palm Platter will have your guests swaying in the breeze at your next beach party or luau. Simple styling and antique finish give this piece a decidedly classic tropical look. Each platter is handcrafted and....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Coolers
Let's get the party started! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge or bar with our Voodoo Tiki Coolers from Clay Art of San Francisco. These hand-painted tiki mugs are sure to please the die-hard tiki collectors out....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Dip Bowl Set
Let's get the party started! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge or bar with our Voodoo Tiki Dip Bowl Set from Clay Art of San Francisco. This hand-painted dip bowl set is sure to impress the die-hard tiki....... Details
Voodoo Tiki Oval Serving Platter
Let's get this party started! Add a splash of color to your tiki lounge or bar with our Voodoo Tiki Oval Serving Platter from Clay Art of San Francisco. This hand-painted oval serving platter is sure to impress the....... Details