Giant Great White Shark
Just look at this cuddly little fellow...Now you can own your own Carcharodon carcharias, just the ticket for clearing the lineup at your favorite surf spot on those crowded days! Our realistic Giant Great White Shark is....... Details
Great White Card Game
What nasty shark lurks in your opponent's hand? Could it be the dreaded Great White? Here's a game the whole family can enjoy while learning about the sharks of Hawaii and beyond. Played much like you would play Old Maid....... Details
Shark Bites: True Tales of Survival
Written by Greg Ambrose. Relive 16 shark attack-survivors' moments of terror in the ocean while fending off the most feared creatures of the deep. The illustration on page 90 is worth the price of this book alone. It is one....... Details
Shark Wine Holder
This guy drinks like a fish! Introducing the Shark Wine Holder, another distinguished member of the Kooky Collection, available exclusively at Surfwarez! Cast of a durable poly resin material and made in China. Comes....... Details