Vintage Collectibles - Comics - SurfToons - 1967
SurfToons April 1967
"You probably won't ever print this but SurfToons stinks! Why don't you put together a sensible magazine like the other surf magazines do?" Obviously this letter writer has missed the point. If you want serious, buy....... Details
SurfToons July 1967
"Oh, some guys boast of quail on toast And other things as phony. But I'm content to owe my rent And live on abalone." I couldn't agree more...This is Petersen's SurfToons from July of 1967 featuring classic surf....... Details
SurfToons September 1967
"Going to the beach is trippy!..." Here's another collection of classic surf comics from 1967 by Bob James, Nelson Dewey, Jim Willoughby, and Dennis Ellefson. Content includes "Bleach Bum," "It'll All Iron Out," "The....... Details