Odds & Ends
"Dr. Surf" T-Shirts
We are totally stoked to join the "Dr. Surf" surf team, with exclusive distribution rights to Rory Anton's "Dr. Surf" T-Shirt. Mens sizes include XXL, XL, large, and medium. Colors include rust, brown, sky blue, and....... Details
"Kooky" Woody Clock
I want to apologize in advance for introducing what is undoubtedly the lamest product ever offered on SugarShackSurfShop.com...and we're the Kings of Kook! With that said, let's get down to business...This is, of course,....... Details
"Kooky" Woody Resin Box
Roll up to the beach in your new "Kooky" Woody Resin Box, complete with sand squeaking under your bare feet and palm trees gently swaying in the tropical breeze. Our friends at Direct Connection have struck again with....... Details
"Kooky" Woody Welcome Sign
Welcome to our surf shack! It's yet another "Kooky" idea from our friends at Direct Connection -- the "Kooky" Woody Welcome Sign, a funky, homespun way to welcome guests to your humble abode. Measures approximately 12....... Details
Aloha Print Treasure Boxes
Not sure what this is made of! Maybe from coconuts? Each one is very handmade and covered with Aloha-print fabrics. No two are exactly alike. The dome-shaped top pops off to store whatever trinkets or treasures your....... Details
Brett Keast
HO HO HO! Leave it to a surfer to come up with this idea! Totally cool concept to celebrate the season of gift-giving! Instead of those old fashioned, dimestore, red-flannel-type socks, try one of our Hula Stockings for....... Details
Hang 5 Peg Racks
Austin Woodworks from the North Coast of California produces these outrageously cool peg racks, perfect for just about anything that needs hanging. Available in large, medium, and small. I have the large one in my kitchen....... Details
Hawaiian Surf Soaps
"Tiny Bubbles!" Who's that famous Hawaiian night club singer? Oh yeah...Don Ho! From the Maui Tropical Soaps Company on Maui comes their "Hawaiian Surf Soaps -- a unique tribute to one of Hawaii's finest features -- its....... Details
Hula Swizzle Sticks
Swizzle sticks will bring any old boring drink to new heights in swank appeal. With our Hula Girl Swizzle Sticks, you'll have all of your guests at your next luau stirring their drinks with style! Packaged in a....... Details
Shaka Santa Christmas Ornament
HO HO HO! Every surfer needs a Shaka Santa Christmas Ornament to hang on the tree this holiday season. Santa is decidedly casual, with shirt off, hula skirt, and bare feet. He's in a lot better shape than I lot of Santas I've....... Details
Shorelock Beach Security System
Brainchild of Tom Sherlock and now exclusive to SugarShackSurfShop.com, ShoreLock is a portable theft-deterrent device that can be quickly installed in sand, allowing surfers to conveniently leave keys, wallet, camera, cell....... Details
Surfer Night Lights
Never fear the dark again! Designed for years of care-free operation, our automatic night light will provide safety and a decorative touch throughout your home. Comes in three different styles (from left to right):....... Details
Surfer Switchplates
Hand-painted switchplate covers made of durable poly resin plastic-type material will help light up any room in a surfer's surf shack. Single switch covers, shown from left to right,....... Details
Surfer Tissue Box Cover
Our Surfer Tissue Box Cover may be just what the doctor ordered, whether you're feeling under the weather or not. You saw it here first! Our buyers have found another unique gift item that SugarShackSurfShop.com is famous....... Details
Surfing Monkey Coin Bank
So you think you've seen it all? How about a genuine Surfing Monkey coin bank from Mexico?! Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing. Appears to be cast...it is hollow and hand-painted. This large, heavy....... Details
SurfMouse Computer Mouse
Every once in awhile, we see something that is so millennium, so with the times that we just have to have it. Surfing has transcended into the new century with this fully functional computer mouse. "PC compatible and....... Details
Surfwarez Gift Certificate
Can't decide what to get your sweetie 'cause there's just too many choices? Buy him or her a Surfwarez Gift Certificate instead and let them make your agonizing decision for you! Available in denominations of $25, $50, or....... Details
The Hula Lunchbox
Featuring serene images from a 1920s pin-up calendar, our vertical Hula Lunchbox stands 10" high, 3" deep, and 7" wide. Its large capacity is just about perfect for anything whether edible or not. Makes an extremely....... Details
Tiki Statue Treasure Box
OK all you Tiki lovers out there: Introducing the Tiki Statue Treasure Box, hot off the press! Tiny treasures deserve dinky boxes. These handcrafted ceramic jewels are the kookiest stuff we've found so far! Cute enough....... Details
Tiki Statues
We just scored these concrete Tiki Statues from our manufacturer of fine statuaries in San Francisco. Perfect for your tiki lounge, patio, or even your living room for that matter. Weighing in at between 50 and 100 pounds....... Details
Tropical Body Lotion
"A lush fragrance that immediately brings relaxing images of tropical island beaches and palm trees. Absolutely mouthwatering and our top selling fragrance. A favorite of women and men alike!"…Maui Tropical Soaps, Inc. ....... Details
Tropical Body Powder
"This rich, silky powder can be dusted liberally on the body after bathing, or sprinkled on bed sheets before sleeping to induce comforting thoughts of the most beautiful island on Earth, Maui." Be sure to check out our....... Details
Tropical Shower & Bath Gel
"Transform you shower or bath into a lush tropical treat with our gentle cleansing gel. Enjoy as a body wash, shampoo, or bubble bath while awapuhi, kukui nut oil, and vitamin C protect and nourish your skin." Heavenly....... Details
Wilbur Kookmeyer Action Figure
Introducing Wilbur Kookmeyer, king of all kooks! The lovable Wilbur Kookmeyer, a Bob Penuelas creation, was a fixture at SURFER Magazine during the 1980s and has returned to SURFER recently after a 10-year hiatus. We....... Details
Wilbur Kookmeyer Greeting Cards: Have a Swell Birthday
The lovable Wilbur Kookmeyer, a Bob Penuelas creation, was a fixture at SURFER Magazine during the 1980s and has returned to SURFER recently after a 10-year hiatus. We found Bob's greeting cards in a Santa Barbara surf....... Details
Window of Opportunity T Shirt
You never know when that Window of Opportunity will just open up for you. Colorful design available in T's or tank top will bring anticipation every morning when you look out your window hoping for this vista! 100%....... Details